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Our aim is to streamline Your Travel Procurement



We understand how a managed travel program will support our clients’ ongoing drive to reduce travel expenses. Our applications and team lend themselves to this goal. Through our services, we will provide a disciplined, enterprise-wide approach to managing the activities, processes, and suppliers to achieve your business objectives. We will work to deliver value in the form of savings, supplier support, enhanced end user experience and ongoing, real time reporting. Our services can be provided through onsite or virtual resources.

Our corporate bookers will continue making online bookings on “Serko” or through our consultants based on the most cost-effective fares and the most convenient options.

Since our establishment, JC Travel has years of experience in dealing with the domestic and international travel requirements for travellers from large and diverse organisations. We can see what is changing and provide actionable data and useful insights for our travellers ensuring their 100% adherence to the travel policy.

We will continue working with your Management Team to increase the online versus the offline bookings and tailor Serko to their needs to ensure our travellers get the air travel experience they look for at a price that represents the best value as well as ‘s team achieving high levels of compliance to the travel policy.

We will continue working with your team to pinpoint areas of savings, tailor the system to show how travel policy rules can be adjusted to deliver an in-policy service that exceeds the travellers’ expectations. Serko will continue to display your Medical’s contracted fares or the best fare of the day with the airlines.