Online Booking Tool


JC Travel Professionals uses Alienta, an online booking tool offering extensive practical features and a rare level of flexibility.

Alienta is an intuitive tool that requires only one implementation process across your organisation. It’s designed for first-time users to easily navigate and make bookings without assistance. It also allows you to adapt an online workflow for authorisation and approval that suits the way you conduct business and ensures travel policy compliance.

Alienta is an efficient and cost-saving tool. It is currently the only tool in the market that allows travellers to book complex international itineraries online without consultant support. It also allows them to view and book each leg separately, so they can find the best option for their budget and convenience.

Alienta is completely adaptable to your specific needs. It eliminates a lot of the distractions and time spent searching and comparing online. A popular feature with our clients, for example, is how Alienta displays accommodation search results on a map showing proximity and distance to where they need to be.

By using this tool, travellers can instantly save time and money all guided by your organisation’s specific policies. Your staff will be fully supported by our team. We provide ongoing training to ensure they can continue to get the best value out of your investment.