Visit Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains

The beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia are a stunning site on their own. The sandstone rock formations jet up to form an extensive mountain range located in New South Wales, Australia. The majority of the Blue Mountains is considered a World Heritage site and are home to seven national parks and conservation reserves. The Blueys, as Aussies affectionately refer to them, provide plenty to keep you busy. Make sure to not miss out on these activities and sites while visiting this region of Australia.


A spectacular landmark in this mountainous region are three distinct sandstone formations better known as the Three Sisters. This iconic attraction is perhaps the most popular destination for visitors in this region. The aboriginal legend has it that three beautiful women who needed protection were turned into these three magnificent stones. The witchdoctor who preformed this spell died before he could reverse it and they now forever will remain the Three Sisters in stone. There are many beautiful nature walks in the area, including The Giant Stairway that runs down into the Jamison Valley.

The Katoomba Scenic Railway should be a must-do on your list. A Guinness World record breaker for the steepest railway in the world, this ride is like no other! Descending 415 meters down sandstone cliffs and tunnels is a thrilling and scenic ride for the whole family to enjoy.

Around this area is another ride providing picturesque views from a glass-bottom cable car called the Scenic Skyway. Again, providing an exciting way to experience this stunning region.


After taking a look at what’s around you via the railway and skyway, why not get in on some action in the area. First try caving in the interesting Jenolan Caves. Explore the caves by yourself or hire a knowledgable guide. There is even a ghost tour through the caves should you be up for some paranormal mysteries and exciting legends.

Try climbing the Centennial Glen cliffs or take a breathtaking bike ride along Narrow Neck. Many of these bike trails are for hikers as well should you want to go on a day hike in these parts.

Canyoning is another popular sport in the Blue Mountain region, and although it carries a level of danger, should you feel confident in your skills, it can make for an excellent and thrilling activity. Let’s not forget extraordinary views you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere too!

The Blue Mountains provide and invigorating and inspirational getaway for any person or family who wants to experience this region. Whether it’s getting into stimulating activity or relaxing on the railway while taking in the panoramic views, The Blue Mountains provide it all.