Visit Adelaide, Australia


The city of Adelaide is full of gorgeous coastal beaches, fabulous shopping, food, wine, arts, and more! What else do you need? Adelaide is a place that can please all people who walk down its famous streets such as Rundle, Hutt or Gouger, as well as O’Connell and Melbourne. It boasts fancy specialty boutiques and a lively pub scene. This city provides many activities and sites, but here are some of the top 10 things to do while enjoying your time in Adelaide.

Top 10 Things to do In Adelaide

Beaches and coastlines

1. Kangaroo Island: The name gives it away – Kangaroo Island provides an opportunity to see some real Aussie wildlife. This gem of an island, being the third largest in the county, is only a quick 45 minute ride to get to. The island provides welcoming beaches, picturesque scenery and a winery to sample some of Australia’s finest.
2. Glenelg Beach: After a day of enjoying sunning your buns under the hot Aussie sun treat yourself to the vast array of shopping, restaurants, and cafes that line Adelaide’s most popular beach.
3. Port Adelaide: As you are working on your tan you don’t want to doze off on this beach. Here you can spot dolphins, not to mention some spectacular beach views.
4. Victor Harbor: This cute seaside town gives you a look at the worn granite that lines the coast. Here you can make the quick visit to the nearby Granite Island to get a closer look at this terrain.

Valleys and Hills

5. Barossa Valley: Only about 3 hours away from the main city of Adelaide is the Barossa Valley. This valley has been named by New York Times and TripAdvisor as a top destination. It is Australia’s most well known wine region. Be sure to taste a glass or perhaps a whole bottle before moving on.
6. Adelaide Hills: If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city just take a quick 20 minute drive east of the city and immediately you will notice a much different lifestyle. Here you will see endearing little villages strung across a beautiful countryside. Come here to breathe everything in and slow life down a bit.
7. Flinders Ranges: Out of the 450 mountain ranges in Australia, this one is the largest. Come to the Flinders Ranges to experience the real and remarkable outback!

Other great things to do in Adelaide

8. Adelaide Zoo: This non-profit zoo happens to be the second oldest in the country. Get ready to witness 300 species of different mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds!
9. Rundle Mall: Talk about shop till you drop… Get your shopping itch scratched at Australia’s first walking street mall.
10. Adelaide Fringe Festival: Apparently the world’s second-largest fringe festival, you can experience a lively gathering during the months of February and March complete with music, dancing, arts and culture from Australia and around the world!