Online Booking Tool

Since its release, JC Travel Professionals has been using the latest booking technology in the market. Alienta is an intuitive web-booking tool that requires only one implementation process across your organisation. Using the same URL across your organisation, the tool can be divided and configured by location, division, cost centre, stakeholder… etc. It allows you to assign different policies to accommodate the operational constraints impacting different business units or employees and contractors. Each login ID directs the end user to their allocated policy in a real time self-booking tool that helps your travellers make smart choices based on their individual preferences and your corporate travel policies.

Alienta gives you flexibility and choices as it is adaptable to your specific needs. It eliminates a lot of the distractions and time spent searching and comparing the web. Your staff can also store their loyalty numbers in their corporate profile, so they can access both the website rate and also continue to capture the benefits of the scheme. We provide ongoing training for your staff to ensure they can continue to get the best value out of your investment.

By using this tool, travellers can instantly and simultaneously book flights, car hire and hotels, all guided by your organisation’s specific policies.