How can I reduce my travel expenses?
Below you will find 7 things that you can do to pay less in travel expenses:

1. Identify your travel needs

If you are able to identify your travel needs well in advance you will be able to reduce your travel expenses.
You would be able to chose cheaper rates for flights and accommodation. These will represent big savings for your organisation.

2. Define general business polices

Many organisations have to pay ‘big bills’ because they don’t have business polices in place.
Create polices and procedures that aim to reduce costs. Inform your employees of these procedures and explain why it is important to follow them.

3. Define particular business polices

Most cases will fall into the ‘general categories’ but you will certainly face those minority cases that could be very expensive. Define the best procedures to follow in case of contingencies.

4. Try to avoid emergency trips

Emergency trips tend to be very expensive. Try to avoid them. Consider rescheduling of alternative options when necessary.

5. Negotiate your travel fees

It is time to have a look to the fees that your travel agent is charging you. A good travel agent should be able to find the best rates for your business but also provide you with fees that keep the costs low.

6. Buy in bulk

There is more chances to negotiate better prices if you have bigger volumes. You can add your leisure travel to your business travel account and enjoy the benefits of discounted prices.

7. Promote virtual meetings

A good way to save money in travelling is to reduce the amount of trips. You might be able to reduce those numbers by promoting virtual meetings. Skype and Facetime are two good ways to have virtual face to face meetings.